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Smart Board Project pt.1

Bool Trailer

Excuse the pause in the front of my book trailer I was having technical difficulties with my beginning uploading properly, but I hope you in enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed making it!!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

PLN Final Report

In conclusion I set my PLN to my homepage. It made it easier to a navigate from one website to the next. I placed the websites I view and go the most in the top right corner dealing with the social network. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. In the bottom right I had things dealing with my EDM 310 class like the class blog and gmail. Now I'll be honest when I first created my PLN I didn't particularly like it cause it resembled having favorites to much, but i like the icons which made it easier to find and organize.

Final Project 16

Blog #14
Educational Blog by:Jose Picardo
Jose Picardo's blog grants teachers examples of opportunities of how to apply technology. Technologies that I notice were Facebook, twitter, delicious, and blogger. There were many more but I do not know or recognize them. Now the list that Jose Picardo had I was a little confused on the other examples of technology because I really never heard of them. But overall I'm glad that Dr.Strange assigns this website because I learned a lot from Jose Picardo's blog.
Top ten tips for using technology in the classroom
Jose Picardo tips for using technology in the classroom was remarkable. He clearly though of what students would like and consider as interesting. For example step number 2 was by far my favorite step. He explains that you should use music. Students use and like music so why not use it to your advantage. Now I like the idea of using a Podcast. Personally I'm not a big fan of using skype as a way of communication for students.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Joe Dale drew my attention with the ITC and Language Conference with the idea of workshops and hands on events. I love the idea of experiencing something for myself giving me the opportunity to learn from my own mistakes as well as others. It was a great post.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Happy Arts in Education Week"
My comment:Hello Julia Vincentsen,
My name is Larry McMillan, I’m a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM310. I find it so exciting that young kids are having the opportunity to be involve in the arts at a young age. The reason I’m so excited is because I was a Dance major before transferring school and I kinda wish I had the opportunity to get involved early age.

Julia Vincesten was incorporating the arts in her school for the week with the permission of the government if I read it corrected. I'm so excited because being a former art/dance major the arts just excite me. Not to mention kids being involved with it at a early age makes it so much better.

"First Roller Skate"
My Comment:Hi Htawara!
My name is Larry McMillan, I'm a student at the University of South Alabama in EDM310 in the United States. Your animation was very entertaining. I like how the video looked realistic. Great Job!!!

The video was about an individual skating from the left side of the screen to the right. Then entering a house to eat. The video was well develop and entertaining. Htawara did a great job.

blog #13

Option #2
This article the "My Teachers App" explains online class and how can be provided to students not in college. The article explains that online classes have pros and cons for students K-12 grade. The article provides critical analysis to what effects can to students. Students that go to class are in control of their futures to a certain instances, while students who have take online have full control. The articles explains that this new online system will save states and the country money which I feel is true also.
Now my reactions to the article is that I was so surprised. Most students in high school and below grades don't want to go to class for personally reason which is why I can agree with having online classes for students. Not only does online classes prepare students for whats to come in the future with college and maybe having to do online classes. This is a great idea, but my main concerns would be that students would be handicap or hindered in college when having to go to class. Not only does it hindered college socially but future interviews I think cause one would not be able to properly to communicate with other people in a social-able manner. But overall this is a great idea for students to take a couple online classes but remain in class to be social-able capable.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Post #10

Mrs. Yollis is very organized a well and developed. Mrs. Yollis seems to be a very dedicated and devoted teacher to her students. Mrs. Yollis great organization on here blog easy access to her students. Everything that is important and valuable are labeled and provided for the students to see and access. She has links that will give one the ability to look at her homework assignments and the due dates for the assignment. Thank You Mrs. Yollis for being a fine example of how to use technology in your class.

Blog post #11

I watched the video Whole Brain Teaching. This ways an unusual way to teach. Which I can say, me personally not a big fan of because I don't like loud classrooms. I like the traditional method of a teacher teaching and students (myself) studying. But I will say this was very catchy.

Chris Biffle presents many methods of learning exercise to his students. He presents sequence, logic, rhythm, projection, and the ability for teachers to teach to their fellow classmates. When I become a teacher I will use this method for my students so that they will certain lessons that I feel are important as well as life lessons

Project Progress

In our project were are explaining how technology will help our students to their parents, and what types of technology we would use and how to use it. We have six members in our group so we have decided to work in doubles on each technological advancement.

C4K #11

My comment:Dear Shane J.,
My name is Larry McMillan. I'm a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your post. Honestly I would have been going for the werewolf. For Halloween I dressed up like a werewolf. Mrs. Yollis this class blog is very entertaining to read thank you.

I enjoyed reading the class blog Mrs. Yollis set up. I was assigned to the Shane J. He made a story about the Halloween Olympics. It had different kinds of monsters in this contest. It had three different kind of events. But I enjoyed reading every line in this blog post

Sunday, November 6, 2011

blog post 11

In video the young boys and girls are explaining their knowledge on technology. The kids in the video had seemed to see what blogging can do for them besides express the way they feel, but help in grammatical errors and sentence structure. It also seemed to give the young boys and girls a chance to explore technology.I give Ms. Cassidy two thumbs up.

Ms. Cassidy skype interview was WOW. Like i only have personally skyped people in the same city as me, or even in the same house just different room. But for someone one to skype in a different time zone is remarkable. But her reasons behind are interesting. Ms.Cassidy was grant the opportunity to have five computers in here classroom and she wanted to put some use to them in a productive manner. So she began her technological experience. I will for sure use technology in my class to help keep organization and record of what has been done. and will be.

C4K 11-6-11

"Find SOmebody"
my comment:Hello,
My name is Larry McMillan. I'm currently a student in the EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. This was a great idea to get information on colleges. I would say personally its never to late to stop and think about your future. Thank you for your blog post.

But this was a great idea for students to become educated on the idea of colleges at a young age so they may start forming a plan.The kids did a great job!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog #8

This video is very informative. Being that I already use the internet and technology to the max i still learned a decent amount. Dr. Richard Miller did a copious amount of research in depth on past events without going to the library. Which me personally never been a one to use the internet for research much to see him explain what he did makes me want to do so from now on.

In the second video Dr. Richard Miller explains and demonstrates how to write in multi-media. The multi media is a good way for students to research different subjects with great time management.I honestly believe this will be more appealing to the students instead of books, newspapers, and etc.. This will make student become more interested in what their researching.

Personally multi media is still a bit confusing. But I think as teacher this will grant me an opportunity to learn and understand what I'm teaching better. Making me a better teacher in the process. But I would definitely teach my students how to use this in the future.

Carly Post
Carly's post was so amazing. It was easier to understand and grasp. I know her future students will love her and her teaching methods. Carly took the post of Dr. Miller and ran with it and made reality. Thank you for the example.

The Chipper Serious and EDM for Dummmies
Both of these videos were hilarious. Like great job might I say first. I'm a person who felt EDM 310 was just to much. I was already not a fan of online work but as I came alone in this class help is right there for all who needs it.I would like to make a video for the future students of EDM 310 on how to get help while helping themselves with facebook, twitter, and just in the lab.

Learn to change and Change to learn
"Learn to Change and Change to Learn" discussed the ways students study. It explains how students don't learn the traditional way that in the pasted did. Which i can say is very true cause to this day my father still tells me that the way kids are now days aren't the same as when he was a kid.Technology has transformed the way many people learn and grasp information. I agree that with the time and how evolved technology has advanced that classrooms and other teaching environments should adapt and become updated with society.

Blog Post #7

Randy Pausch promotes the idea of achieving your dreams. As a young child Randy Pausch was a determine to be something at all cause. But even though he was unable to achieve all his dreams he can still smile and be happy at the his past accomplishment.

Randy Pausch if I may say is a very interesting individual. He seems to know what he was talking excusing his credentials as professor. He video was very length but he was able to grasp my attention the entire time. This video I would glad show and encourage any new teacher to watch cause he gives great tips and pointers on how to be a productive teacher.

The first lesson that Randy Pausch teaches is called the head fake. This is what really caught my attention cause I love football. He explains that the head fakes is indirect learning while learning something else. His indirect and direct relation to the sport ,football made this easy relate to. He also explains that the team as a whole is learning how to play the game you have the individuals how to be leaders.

I have always been an individual to want to do work on my own since I have became of age. When I was younger I like the idea of being with my friends in a group doing work. But I have learned everyone do not share the same values of wanting to be successful which made me turn the other way in liking group work. But I have learned from my mistakes and would hate to have my past hinder my future students in groups to accomplish a goal.

My comment:Hi Julie Vincentsen,
I am Larry McMillan ,a student at the university of South Alabama, in Dr. Strange EDM 310 class.I can only say that I’m jealous of your students having the ability to have the arts in their school and the faculty care so much. Being a former dance major I wish i was evolved in the arts sooner. Thank you
In Julie Vincentsen blog post she explains that her school is going to be involved in the arts at her school. I explain who I was and told that I personally was jealous of her students for having faculty care so much to have the arts be part of the school.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

C4K due on 9-11

My comment:Hello Patrick,
Your slideshow on Fiji is very entertaining and informational. I learned a lot about Fiji and background info on the country and the cultural itself. I can say that Rugby is a little confusing for me but I still will watch the World Cup in any sport including Rugby. Thank You!!!

In Patrick's blog post he does a slideshow on Fiji's rugby team and the background info on the island. He tells about the two major islands of Fiji and the culture of Fiji. I found it interesting even though I'm not a big fan of rugby but I will watch it cause its similar to football.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

C4K 10-25
my comment:Hello Zapahanata,
Your animation was unique, but very enjoyable. The man started on one side and ran to the other side of the castle. I bet it took a lot of work to perfect your animation. Great Job!!
In Zapahanata he had a character run from one side of the castle to the other side of the castle outside.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

C4K 9-23-11
Galvin explains the reasons why he write. His blog post showed great honesty in which why I really enjoyed it cause I could truly relate to him. But unfortunately I did not think of the idea to write to help control how much I talked in class at that young age.

Blod #9 At the teacher's desk

Mr. McClung blog post (May 27 2009)
Mr. McClung key component in his blog post was to stay positive. He explain the importance that no matter what trial and tribulations that happen one must stay positive to succeed. He explains that mistakes are bound to happen in ones' life but to make the best of the situations at hand. Another key component is for teachers and future teachers to always be looking to learn from new situations and and mistakes. I truly could relate to him when he says that teachers are in front of an audience, and not in the mind set a teacher must perform in front of their students, but interact and teach to the students. He gives and example that teachers often make perfect lessons plans and expect the the students to just grasp whats being taught. Sometimes this may work and sometimes this may not work. Another key component is for teachers to have communication. I learned from Mr. McClung first year teaching that things don't always work in one's favor but regardless one must remain positive and always have the urge to learn cause we own to our students.
Mr. McClung blod post (June 17 2010)
Mr. McClung had a nice student say how much he liked and learned in Mr. McClung class, that's great stuff!!!But back to the topic at hand. Mr. McClung went from teaching 6th graders to teaching 8th graders and also teaching another two subjects. His key component was to adapt. He was to become innovative in his teaching methods to older and more experience students. Explains his difficulties and how he changed and manipulated his self in becoming a better teacher towards his students. I learned that change comes when one expect it and also when one don't expect it but it happens and one must adapt and learn to change to to fit new environments. I also learned that goals are set for a reason so don't lose sight and focus of whats important.

Friday, October 14, 2011


my comment:This is mind blowing. Just like the young lady above who commented on your post I too have never heard of The Language Perfect World Championship. But the amount of questions that were asked is just an enormous number for just one day. I wish you the best of luck on your present and future competitions.

This Language Perfect is a way for students to gain diction and to build on vocabulary. This competition creates list and of words in many languages to also make one bilingual. I find this very interesting and very helpful.

C4K 10-14
My Comment:Great post Landen. The subject was very strange and kind of nasty, but I learned a decent amount from your post. Especially learn information about the ear cone that I didn’t know. That reminded me of Shrek when he used his ear wax in the movie.

I read Landen's blog about ear wax and it was nasty. The info given was very informational. I enjoyed all that he had to offer and share. I related his ear cone information to the movie Shrek.

PLN Summary

I just made a PLN. The PLN is amazing it has everything that you may use or in the future could use in one joined area. I'm able to connect to facebook, twitter, and other social network medias. I can see and how this would aid me in my future profession of being a teacher. This seemed to be the ultimate organizational organizer. I’m so excited to use it and apply it to my daily life.

Timetoast Thomas Edison

Photo sites:

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C4T 9-22 continue

1.)How Would You Revise The Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule?
(my comment on her post)
Hi My name is Larry Mcmillan. I'm currently a student in Dr. Strange EDM310 class at the university of South Alabama. I'm not sure I know how to answer your question. My father always told me that if I can't go into the site with him standing over me well I personally don't need to be going into the site. I would assume that parents would step in and monitor what their kids go into. Instead of relying on technology to do parental obligations.Thank you for you post.

I wasn't meaning to sound rude or cruel on her post I was only speaking my mind. And I am sorry if I sound rude on my comment.He blog post was asking her fellow bloggers what they think should change about Children Online Privacy protection Rule. I only stated that person should take more notice to what their kids are looking at online.

2.)My Thoughts From Education Nation
my comment.I agree with you on every inch of your post. Being that I went to a private school I did not have the same opportunities hat others had in public nor did they have the same as I did. Bad teachers often just do their job and that’s it disregarding the fact doing one’s jobs isn’t enough. Those who do the bare minimum I can personally say are the bad teachers. Good teachers often use innovation to help their students grasp the information. No in the school system and in schools school are only as strong as their weakest component. Being that I hope to be a future teacher strive to want to aid and lift the school I attend and it’s self to new heights. Thank you for your blog post. I found it very informal.

My reaction to the post was that I agree with Geeky Momma's post and opinion. Credibility should be given back to the teachers. Not to mention is more testing better for students? Even with students are already in the position where they are not grasping the information. Now in her blog post she explaines and notes that some public schools were not able to explain or add their input which to me does not make much sense. In my comment I explained that schools and school systems can only be as great as it's so called weakest component.

C4K #6
(My Comment)This blog post was adorable. STEVE THE SUPERHERO was so funny. I like how he was not camera shy. It was funny how the superhero showed bad hygiene. WORMS was so cute. Her ability to no laugh was very impressive. Both students did a great job. Thank you for your video and post you both made my day.

The two students recited poetry on the blog post. The first video was about a superhero whose hygiene was terrible. His powers were his bad hygiene. His poem was very funny and entertaining. The next student’s poem was about WORMS. She was able to rhyme very well. Both students had great poems.

Blog Post #6

by:Wendy Drexler: The Networked Student
This video promotes students to be independent about learning. The narrator in the video shows what a student is capable of doing when he has the ability technology at his grasp. Students are able to promptly teach themselves the subjects from the classroom. I personally was confused with the idea of not having a textbook in the classroom as well as not using one entirely. The narrator explains that technology can be used for more than just looking up information but also for networking to find out useful information.
The narrator asked a remarkable question, why do we need teachers? This question is very important being the fact they guide students on how to properly research and find noble sources and information. Teachers are needed I would say personally. The narrator explains that teachers show their student how to interact and communicate with other teachers with technology. Technology is the route to take to enable technological advancement between distance sources and teachers.
I learned that that technology is a gateway to higher learning and communication. The idea of Connectivism I would have to say personally I'm not a big fan. With me being old fashion I like the idea of a teacher giving his or her students a subject to learn from or that he or she teaches. I can personally state the class I'm currently in EDM 310 is like Connectivism. Connectivism forces one to be independent and active. Connectivism seems to force to be more dependent on them than the teacher which I may say is a positive.

Welcome to My PLE!
I would have to say the grader’s PLE is very neat and interesting. This video kind of motivates me to design and upgrade my blogger to bring more appeal and ease to the eyes for my viewers and myself. The video and narration was well developed. I learned that there is more to the technology of blogger than just posting. My blog post compared to her post seems to be like a beginners.

Podcast Raybans

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C4k 9-20

1.)Letter to Lucy
(My actual comment)
My name is Larry McMillan I am a student in EDM310 at the University of South Alabama. The letters the students have written to Lucy has shown a great appreciation for the field I am currently in. I hope the students take care and enjoy the I-pads.

On the blog post was a way for teachers and students to be able to show appreciation to someone by the name of Lucy. Lucy has shown some students and teachers the ability to technologically advance. The students in their letters have shown how thankful for being able to use the I-pad. These letters have shown me the reason I wanted to join this field.

2.)Cross country
Patrick posted a blog post on how he ran a cross country event. He explains how tired he was from running.On my comment i told him how he show the characteristics of being a great athlete with running at a young age. I also told Patrick that I personally would run.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Blog Post #5

1.)Don’t teach your kids this stuff. Please? By Dr. McLeod

(This is what I posted)
Hello Dr. McLeod
I am a student in Dr. Strange's EDM310 class at the University of South Alabama. I find your points to be very true, but Unfortunately I can say i agree with everything that you are conveying. yes I believe that we should protect our youth from the dangers of the world but just like there are negative things there are positive things as well. But overall with the porn and predators hate to say it but there are some sick people out there.

Dr. McLeod is a teacher at the University of Kentucky. Through his blog post he explains the importance of not allowing the children to be embedded in technology because in the long wrong he feels it can only hurt them. I agree with wanting to protect our kids from the negatives of technology and social networking, but i disagreed with his arguments. He seemed to disregard the positives technology brings to the world and focused on the negatives.But also I'm not for certain that he was actually serious or he was being sarcastic.

2.)The iSchool initiative (Mobile Learning)by Travis Allen
Travis Allen explains the concepts of using the I pad in schools. He explains that the I pad decrease the usage of books to none in schools. He then goes in depth the programs already ready for classrooms.He grants the idea of creating financial stability among students, teachers, and parents. He has taking his vision to a new height with his next video.

I completely agree with Travis Allen. I school will grant teachers and students to always be on the same page through a school year. This will save students bundles of money. For example I personally went to a private school, and i was forced to pay for school books, reading books, uniforms, pens, paper, and etc...This would have cut my cost down 75%. Not only would it save me money but it would help the nation to go into a go green type of mindset. My only question would be would all school be able to get the i pad for there students? Who would fund this costly funded program to help better education?

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'
At first I did not know what to expect. As I kept watching it seem to be so unrealistic. Like if the screen wasn't moving as much than I could believe it. I personally seem to think people just web cam themselves singing the song. and attach it to a group or something. But it was magnificent. I love the video though.

4.)Teaching In the 21st Century y by Kevin Roberts!
In a blunt description Robert feels that if teachers applied themselves and if students were to also apply and use the resources at hand that the relationship could be that much better. He says "teachers are no longer the the main source of knowledge". I find that quote so true and meaningful. He explains that teachers must show students how to look up legit resources. Because in my time in school I have notice all information is not true information. The positions expressed in the video are set. Both positions must apply themselves to get positive results. I totally agree with Robert his points on how teaching is changing and how us as teachers and future teachers must adapt. This has already change my mind set on my journey to becoming a teacher.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Blog #4

1.)Eagles’ Nest Radio Episode #3: Roamin’ with the Ancient Romans
I'm not to familiar with pod casting. But from listening to the 3rd graders speaking about Rome seemed very interesting. Listening to the the third graders explain the about Rome and how they presented themselves was remarkable. They had the pod cast almost like a real news casting station without the video. I happen to learn a lot of eye raising to info about the Romans. This has taught me what pod cast can do.

2.)The benefits of podcasting in the classroom
I learned in that pod casting can be used for interacting with the students and an educational manner. Pod casting presents clear and knowledgeable information to the students without the presences of an actual teacher. Not only can the teacher not be present the but the pod cast can be listen to at any time and anywhere. This also provides parents the ability to listen to what their kids are learning. I have learned what pod cast abilities are.

3.)Learning Podcasting on Wise Women Website, By: Carolyn Wood
I didn't know that pod casting was created in 2004. I had an I pod touch and I notice on my i-tunes program had the podcast on it.But then unfortunately I did not know the use of the pod cast until now. I'm pretty sure if I would have known the basics skills about pod casting I would have used it in high school when I was unable to to attend school. But overall I think this will make me a better teacher. In presenting myself to my students in a more professional manner and also in a technological way for the students to be interested in learning the topics at hand.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

C4k summary post


Blog Challenge #1

actually post
Hello Mr.Wolf,
My name is Larry McMillan. I'm currently a student at the University of South Alabama. Your post shows very good leadership skills. Having great leadership skills will help you in the long run to becoming a successful individual in society. Thank you and I hope to read more blogs of yours in the near future.
On this post Mr. Wolf was explaining a challenge on blogging. Which initially is a blog post about one's self. He explain that you would talk about one's life and not include one's real name and if one has family members to substitute their names for other names. I thought the idea he came up with was a very creative ideal, and that he showed great leadership skills putting this together.

C4T #1 and 2 Summary

"F in Exams Book Give Away - Because It Made Me Think"

This is my reponse to Mrs.Ripp blog post
Good Afternoon, Pernille Ripp my name is Larry Demetrius Mcmillan. I am a current student at the University of South Alabama in Professor John Strange EDM 310 class this semester. I found your blog on "F in Exams Book Give Away -Because it Made Me Think" amusing. I was thinking to myself what my little nephew says when I test or quiz him on things around him. But the picture is hilarious.Thank you for the blog.

Mrs.Ripp was explaining in her blog post a normal drive home with her daughter. When she began asking her daughter questions on the noise of certain animals. Her daughter got one wrong and she says F for test grade. Her blog post was in relation to useless test that are given to students that will not aid the student in their lives.My summary response was I felt that it was interesting how i ask my nephew the same types of question and he gives some of the most unusual answers. but overall I found her post very entertaining.

"What You Look For You Will Find..."

my comment on the post.
Hi Pernille
My name is Larry McMillan I am currently in Dr.Strange EDM310 class. Your post makes a lot of sense. For one to give up when they have not been looking that long serves as lack of patience and poor judgement.

In Pernille blog post, she explains that if one was to just keep looking and searching that sooner than later they will find what they are looking for. She then comes into farther details about educators who teach to the class, the lazy students, parents, or etc that you will find your way. My response to her blog was that if one is looking for something than and dont find it right away that they should continue to look and not give into the worldly impatient ways.

Video presentation

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Blog Post #3

1.)This is the comment I left, ("The world is advancing and if people are not willing to step up and ride the wave then they are going to find themselves in a quality of life that is lower than they would desire." My favorite quote because it makes so much sense. Because in society if your not willing to educate one's self technologically then your decision of weather or not to jump on board makes it harder in a world where it does not slow down. Your clarity and organizations skills in this post were well thought out. Your word choice and grammar were strong as well.)

I commented on the individuals blog because I felt that his blog post about the videos were well thought out. Yes he had minor mistakes that can be easily fixed but overall the blog was great. I like the idea that you give the person a compliment about their writing before actually just biting their head off with mistakes on their writing. personally I've been on both side of peer editing and when someone starts out with your paper is terrible and makes it hard to remain focus on writing your paper at your best ability when someone is destroying your self esteem.

The video and slideshow helped me notice mistakes in my own writing. Yes its basic using common English but sometime mistakes can still find there way into your writing without you knowing. The video help me recognize better suggestions are wanted if thought out. The middle school video was very amusing only because even though those were young boys and girls acting, in college that level of thinking still goes on. So I would recommend this video to all college students

"It's not about Technology" (By Kelly W. Hines, Keeping Kids First)
I totally agree with Kelly Wines about how technology isn't needed.I look into the past and see how our ancestors went through school and see how successful and intelligent they are. If a teacher wants to be successful than a teacher must make their students first into success. Now i can't say that technology does not make some things easier but when did being successful become easy. I would personally say never.
I love how Kelly Hines says that teachers must learn as well as students. Teachers do not stop learning when given their degree I hope. Teachers must learn and adapt to each and every student to help the progression of here class. This helps promote the idea no child left behind. Once a teacher learns that than she is able to evolve into a better teacher not just for her person reasons but to her students as well.

Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher? e blog Fischbowl by Karl Fisch
Karl Fisch reason teacher illiterate blog I kinda agree with everything he says. For the most part teachers should be able to use the computer and its applications without any troubles. Now teachers that means you have to do your research on how to use the computer effectively. Not I do not agree with Fisch when he states teachers who are technology illiterate must find other jobs cause there are some teachers that are great without technology.
Overall Karl Fisch blog explains the importance of how technology can help advance teaching methods. He notes that you can be successful without using advance technology but than again it is getting hard which makes so much sense. Technology can not necessarily hurt a student or teacher but if used can effectively aid both parties. Within the comments people seem to be fore technology or against it.

Gary's Social Media
This is a amazing how in the social media section numbers increase so fast without.Facebook was in the low 5,000 and within in seconds increased to the 25,000. This is a prime example of why technology is important. Technology seems to place the world on a plate for viewing. Nothing seems to be hide nor covered from site. Everything dealing with the social world increases without out a break or a pause.
The social media world for mobile i felt was the most interesting only because I'm a first time user of the Android market and I personally don't download apps much or log on to the web through my phone. But because of this I soon learn how to do that so that I will not have to get on a computer to do online or web things. I would have to say technology is like the cycle of life it continues regardless of what is going on around it. In conclusion this means in my profession that im gonna have to be technology knowledgeable to be in society.

4.). Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today
As a student in college is a full time job and nothing should be above that. But college student lives tend to look like a food web. We attend classes, we try to have a social life, as well as work then, try to remain focus in life. Cause just like in technology life does not stop for anyone. College is meant to benefit lives in the future but when living in the moment the seem to take over someone people's lives.
As a teacher I would assume it would be frustrating. Knowing that you as a professional care about those taking your your class to be successful and they show little to no they would show little to no concern with chatting on the phone, being on Facebook in the middle of lecture, or texting on the phone. Teacher put effort into what they do, why should students be any different?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog Post #2

1.)"Did You Know"

"Did you know" by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod was an insightful was so interesting how technology is progressing so fast. But i found it interesting that a foreign country like Japan would become the number one English speaking country in the world. The 25% of India's population with the highest IQ number is bigger than the United States, I kinda find that hard to believe. Now the topic about the top ten jobs in 2010 not being on the list back in 2004 makes since cause with time comes knowledge and with more knowledge means more power.

I personally don't believe we as Americans are preparing students for jobs that do not exist, I think we are granting them the knowledge to change whats around them technologically. Because that on preparing students doesn't necessarily make sense. That goes against Newton's space and time law. But on another note Americans do go through a decent amount of ways. Since technology is increasing it would make sense that online dating would increase as well.

2.)Mr. Wrinkles

"Mr. Winkles" by Mathew Needleman video was odd. I personally found it hard to believe even though Mr. Winkles was a cartoon character for him to be sleeping for a 100 years makes it very distracting. no if the character was in a coma then yes maybe. But then again 100 years with how society is today your lucky to be living passed the age of 60 with all the chemicals. But for technology not to change meant there is no progression and that there is no change in society.

But for someone to wake up and the second place without eating or anything in the past 100 years is so unrealistic. Compared to a 100 years ago technology was like caveman and dinosaurs. Modern day technology has increased over an over and is constantly increasing and evolving. For someone to communicate with someone one needed to talk through a house phone which evolved into a cell phone which then evolved into a web cam on a computer.

3.)School Kill Creativity

The Importance of Creativity by Ken Robinson was strange.He made it interesting to watch with comical jokes. Especially about the little girl drawing God.But, I kinda and Kinda not support his idea that school kills creativity. His statement that when he said"If your not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original". That makes since, but then and again with wrong doing bring experience and wisdom. Which then brings creativity.

Being a former dance major I founded it interesting that in included the Arts in his argument. I personally find dance and the arts important and would mind if they were taught in schools like the other subjects because this brings more uncommon knowledge to light. The Arts will no longer seem like the bottom of the education system. "The whole world is in revolution", meaningful quote about world education. His word selection and word placement describing education, education inflation.

4.)Ceclia Gault interviews Sir Ken Robinson

Cecelia Gault (Young Student in Finland) Interviews Sir Ken Robinson was very educational. My response to the article/video is that I agree with Sir Ken Robinson. United States' fail rate is way to high for United States to be successful as a whole country. But I also poss the question if our country fail rate in education was less than 1% would we be able to give jobs to everyone who gain a higher education. I personally say no. Unemployment rate would most likely double. I believe that we as in the people can't have success without failure. The relationship is direct.

I think the reason some countries are richer cause their focus is on money and global statuses and other countries are focused on the youth and education. Finland seems to focus on the population's education system. Finland takes pride in what education does to their young people. But Unites States of America has focus or direction pointers to help generate the things to do.

5.)Harness Your Students Digital Smarts
Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts by Vicki Davis.Her teaching means makes sense, but my question would be do your students actually pay attention to the things you may be saying when your teaching. I would find it hard for any teenager to pay attention with social networking on. Yes technology is wonderful but attention spans on the average student is roughly 5 to 13 mins not very long.

I don't agree with using technology teaching in the classes as much as a classic setting of a teacher teaching in front of the class. Technology is changing no doubt but for the class setting to change so much when the classical teaching of a teacher has worked since schools were created. Education should be modified but not altered for modern day technology.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Post #1

1.My name is Larry Demetrius Mcmillan. I was born in Biloxi, Mississippi. My father was in the military for 21 years. We travel all throughout the states from east to west. Majority of my life I lived in Jacksonville, Florida. Elementary and Middle School I went a public school. For a high school I went to a well known private school in the state of Florida called The Bolles School. Bolles is know for their academics and sports. While I was there I had to wear shirt and tie. I played football, basketball, baseball, I participated weightlifting, and ran track. While attending these prestigious high school I won two state titles in football. My 10th and 12th grade year. Because of an injury I was forced to makes other routes to getting to college besides football.
After high school I attended a college by the name of Sante College in Gainesville, Florida on a dance scholarship. I danced the at this college none stop. Becoming more flexible and better as a dancer. Shortly after a year and a half I had a old injury present itself again forcing me to changes paths to a higher learning in a different location and different major. I decided to go to school at USA because it was cheaper. My fathers GI Bill pays for my tuition. I chosen the fielded of education because I would like to become a physical therapist once i graduate.
Wordle: LDM

2. I learned the short view by Randy Pausch on Time Management is that it is not bad to ask questions, and that questions generates answers. I also learned that time and money have a direct relationship. That if you are terrible at time, most of the time you are terrible with money. I also learned that just don't do short term planning. Have a daily plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan, as well as a semester plan. "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" is by far my favorite quote in the video. Just know that its ok to change your plan once you have one.